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[Emblem [letterhead] of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran]

Number: 614, Date: 15 Kalimat 101, 5 Mordad 1323 [27 July 1944]


His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mr. Saed,

This is to respectfully bring to Your Excellency’s attention that, as understood from the information received about the  current affairs and reports of the newspapers and publications, especially the effect of the contents of the recent circular from the Cabinet, some trouble-seeking elements are planning to take action on the night and day of 15 Sha’ban, through their religious demonstrations, to express their ancient fanatical prejudice and hostility towards the Baha’is, and to harass and assault them.

Whenever the necessary attention has not been paid or [preventive] actions not been taken by the authorities in the markaz [headquarters] or other provinces, it is feared that, in addition to the horrific events, which have taken place during the last few months in different parts of the country—and Your Excellency and other competent authorities have repeatedly been informed of the flame of their sedition, which still burns in many parts—another fire might be ignited again and its flame start burning more severely and tragically, and the riots and rebellious actions and attacks against the life, property and honour of the Baha’is may be repeated and their prevention become more difficult.

Therefore, according to our moral and national duty, we would like to bring the subject to Your Excellency’s attention beforehand, requesting that Your Excellency issue the necessary orders and decisive instructions to the relevant authorities in the Centre and other parts of the country, to be completely vigilant, that no disastrous incident may occur.


With our greatest respect,

National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran,

Ali-Akbar Foroutan                                                                                                                                         

[Signature: Ali-Akbar Foroutan] [Stamp: Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, Year 91 (Baha’i Calendar)]


[Handwritten note 1:] Brought to the attention, ordered to attach the records

[Handwritten note 2:] [Stamp: received at the Office of the Head of the Cabinet. Number: 10203] Date: 25 Mordad 1323 [16 August 1944]