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[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri

[Date:] Bahman and Esfand 1346 [February and March 1968]

[Issue No.:] 11 and 12

[Pages:] 537 to 540


Messages of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

Persecution of the Baha’is

As it is necessary that the dear friends of God be kept informed frequently, as much as possible, about the actions taken by this Assembly on different issues, and also, as some of the Local Assemblies have requested through correspondence to be kept abreast of the manner of the persecutions and the actions that have been taken by this Assembly in that regard, the friends are hereby notified that during the last couple of years problems in the sacred country of Iran have greatly intensified, and as a result of the provocations and conspiracies of the enemies and ill-wishers, many of the followers of the Greatest Name have been subjected to severe persecutions, such as:

  1. Baha’is are being banned from employment and work in government offices and institutions;
  2. Many employees, especially teachers with many years of service, who are persistently asked to state their religion in the employment forms, are being dismissed from their positions and jobs;
  3. Some of the Baha’i employees of the railway company are denied their pensions after thirty years of service;
  4. The Baha’i youth and university graduates who, at the recommendation of the shah, returned to Iran with immense love and hope to serve their beloved homeland, are being refused employment;
  5. In some areas, the friends have been prevented from holding prayer meetings and memorial gatherings for their deceased, and even from visiting family and relatives;
  6. Some writers have lost the decency of their pen and are relentlessly publishing false and untrue materials about the Baha’is, using insults and abusive language;
  7. In some regions, loudspeakers are used in public places and streets to insult Baha’i sacred beliefs;
  8. In some schools and government organizations, anti-Baha’i meetings and gatherings are held where people are permitted to utter all sorts of insults and invective to what is sacred to Baha’is;
  9. The Baha’is are mistreated under various pretexts by government officers and in the judiciary

In the face of these persecutions, the accounts and details of which are being written and recorded daily by the Local Spiritual Assemblies or the dear friends from various corners of the country, this Assembly has taken two types of action:

First:  In each and every case, the authorities and those in charge, from the head of the state to all levels of state authorities have been officially contacted and petitions have been submitted, and with our providing them with available evidence, they have been asked to take action to resolve this issue.

Second:  As the representatives of this Assembly, some of its members have met with the government authorities and brought the different cases and issues regarding the persecutions to their attention in full detail, insisting that the authorities take prompt action to eliminate these problems. Although the authorities have, in certain cases, taken slight and limited action, regrettably, no real attention has been paid to the rightful pleas of the Assembly or of those have been persecuted. Nonetheless, this Assembly, as always, invites the friends of God to have patience, forbearance, peacefulness and tolerance, and asks them to be obedient while resolute. We beseech God, exalted be His glory, for these dark clouds to be lifted, and the troubles and difficulties to be removed. No doubt, this Assembly shall continue to carry out all actions possible.