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National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

Number 795

Attachment -----


Date 4 Asma’

1 Shahrivar 1345 [23 August 1966]


Distinguished Head of National Police Force

With utmost respect, [the following] is brought to your knowledge:

Recently, it has been observed that in some of the areas, such as the City of Yazd, the police agents have been persecuting the Baha’is and causing them inconvenience. Considering that by law, disciplinary agents are supposed to be concerned with the inhabitants’ safety and protect their lives, property and honour, these actions naturally defeat this purpose and encourage the boldness and insolence of the chaotic and troublemaking elements, which, God forbid, become the cause of more danger and other unwarranted events.

 It is requested of that distinguished general to issue strict orders that agents of the police not provide excuses to the ill-wishers, and [that they] be fully unbiased towards the Baha’is, who are obedient and sincere citizens of the sacred country of Iran, and seriously prevent any kind of incitement against them.

In conclusion, please find attached some examples of the inconvenient incidents which have occurred for the Baha’is of Yazd.


The Secretary of the Assembly



1- On the 18th of Mordad 1345 [9 August 1966], the agents of the police headquarters summoned Seyyed Abdol-Hosein Iqani, interrogating him for hours, asking him for the names of the Baha’is of that area, where he gave the names of the Baha’is, such as Mr. Mehraban Majzoub, and they only released him after acquiring surety.

2- On the 26th of Mordad [17 August 1966] on behalf of the Criminal Investigation [Division] of the Police of the Intelligence, Mr. Mehraban Majzub was summoned, while the head of Intelligence threatened and spoke to him with fury, asking for the names of the Baha’is, demanding that he deliver to the police headquarters whatever documents he possessed. An agent accompanied him to his residence to take the remaining documents, where he was in possession of some hundred blank sheets. Nevertheless, the head of Intelligence reiterated his request to take whatever documents remained behind to the police headquarters within 24 hours; otherwise, as per the public prosecutor’s instructions, he would officially search his house and those of other Baha’is.

3- Some officers of the police headquarters had organized a preaching sermon gathering at the newly built mosque of Sahebo-z Zaman [Owner of the Time], and using loudspeakers, accused the Baha’is, with all kinds of insults and defamations. The police headquarters, whose offices are only 500 metres from the mosque, had not tried to prevent this incident.

4- One agent of the police intelligence summoned one of the Baha’is with the excuse that he had had an Assembly meeting at his home. They detained him overnight, and a guard by the name of Barzegari beat up him severely. The next day they took him to the office of the head of the police headquarters and released him.

5- Sergeant Fattahi, a police officer, has spread rumours everywhere that, according to the orders of the government, the Baha’is should be completely uprooted and eradicated.