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[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri [Baha’i News]

[Date:] Dey 1326 [December/January 1947/1948]

[Issue No.:] 9

[Page:] 10


Fourth – Statement of the letter which was forwarded to the head of the gendarmerie headquarters

Number: 8146

Date: 1 Sultan 104

Corresponding to 28 Dey 1326 [19 January 1948]


To the Esteemed Head of Gendarmerie Headquarters

Following previous communications in regard to the events in Shah Zand – Arak, Ardestan, Isfahan, Hesar and Nameq of Khorasan, and other areas, where outlaws and malefactors arose against the Baha’is and under various pretexts, and harassed and persecuted them, we inform that esteemed head that once again, on 28 Safar [11 January], in Sarvestan, Fars, the preacher named Sheikh Abdol-Rahim, under the pretext of mourning, gathered a group, whose participants attacked the houses of the Baha’is, pillaged some homes, killed one of the Baha’is, and assaulted and injured a number of others in such a way that there is no hope for their recovery or treatment.

The fire of this mischief and sedition has spread to other parts of Fars; for instance, some of the inhabitants of Chenar Aabadeh, stating that the use of showers is against the laws of Islam, have demolished the public bath, which one of the local Baha’is had built at great cost for the use of the inhabitants. In Abadeh, Dehbid, Surian, and especially Dariun, which is situated seven farsakh [unit of length equal to 6.24 kilometres] from Shiraz, the mischief makers have been [aroused], instigated by Seyyed Reza, the teacher, and Kakakhan Khorshidi, and are seriously intending to create sedition, agitation and  commotion. If the barbaric acts of such individuals are not quickly and firmly stopped, we fear that the Sarvestan disaster will be repeated in these places and the life and properties of some Baha’is, who are amongst the sincere and peaceful subjects of this country, will be severely endangered.

We therefore appeal to that esteemed head to issue strict, clear orders to the gendarmerie departments in order to prevent this sedition and perversion, and for their serious action before it is too late.


Chairman of Assembly                  Secretary of Assembly