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The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Khorramshahr

Number 475

Date: 11 Ala 121, corresponding to 21 Esfand 1343 [12 March 1965]

The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

Subject: From Akhbar-e-Khouzestan Newspaper, number 178 – 10 Bahman 1343 [30 January 1965]


The following is conveyed in reference to a letter dated 24 Bahman 1343 [13 February 1965] regarding a story in Akhbar-e-Khouzestan Newspaper, entitled “How the Baha’is Were Deceived”.

The individual who is the subject of a piece in Akhbar-e-Khouzestan Newspaper is the late Mohammad Saei, a devoted believer from Yazd, who had come to Khorramshahr to visit his children and family members, and who passed away due to illness on 7 Bahman [27 January]. When his son, Mr. Enayatollah Saei, who is one of the believers of Khorramshahr and a member of Baha’i administration, informed the Zonoubis, the deceased’s Muslim partners who are the directors of Zendegi Corporation, the partners spread rumours that the deceased had admitted to them that he had become a Muslim, presuming that they could later confiscate his assets. Then, with the interference of a local clergyman, the police and the prosecutor’s office, they began the process of burial.

Guided by this Assembly, prior to the burial, Mr. Enayatollah Saei wrote to the police and the court and asked that his father’s body be handed over to him. However, the court and the police did not take any action and Mahmoud Zonoubi and his brother carried out the burial with the help of a local clergyman. Mr. Enayatollah Saei did not participate in the burial, which was done with specific ceremony, nor did he attend a memorial which was held by them.

Fortunately, before he passed away, the late Mohammad Saei had transferred his assets to his eldest son, Mr. Enayatollah Saei, thus rendering the efforts of the non-Baha’is futile.


Seeking divine confirmations,

Assembly Chairman, Dr. Manouchehr Behi


Assembly Secretary, Badiollah Naimi



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25 Esfand 1343 [16 March 1965]

120- 12 – 41115 S-S