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[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri [Baha’i News]

[Date:] Azar – Dey 1329 [November 1950 – January 1951]

[Issue No.:] 8 and 9

[Pages:] 15-16


Extracts from the letter dated 21 Dey 1329 [11 January 1951]:

Further to letter number 8041, dated 9 Dey 1329 [30 December 1950], and referring to the response issued by your esteemed office, number 1/30286, dated 13 Dey 1329 [3 January 1951], we wish to bring the following to your kind attention.

According to reports by some of the newspapers of Yazd, the court of the judiciary in that city has finally given in to the fanatical sentiments of the malicious people and provocations by the influential enemies of the Baha’i community, under dubious and astounding conditions, and on the basis of unsubstantiated and unfounded grounds, has convicted nine members of the Spiritual Assembly of Yazd, as well as a few other Baha’is of that city, citing their involvement in the murder case of a woman in Abarghou.

Should the judges of the court truly and impartially investigate this treacherous allegation and not trample over the truth (as was the case in Dr. Berjis’s martyrdom, whose murderer and accomplices, in spite of their explicit confessions, and convincing and obvious evidence, were cleared of all charges and released with special ceremonies, the court having cited “lack of evidence”), then the conspiracies and provocations of the enemies of the Baha’i Faith, the breach of the law by the officials of the court of Yazd, and the innocence of these defenceless people, will all become clear as daylight. However, in order to provide further clarification to you, with the reign of power in all affairs in your hands, we wish to bring to your lofty attention once again that the sworn and hateful enemies of the Baha’i Faith, for the persecution and harassment of members of the Baha’i community, this time have brought up meaningless and ridiculous reasons, arguing that because the woman of Abarghou (note that no local Baha’i had ever lived in that location) was insulting the Baha’i sanctities, and therefore the Local Spiritual Assembly of Yazd had planned and instigated her killing.

It is noteworthy that, over the past 80 years, Baha’i sanctities have constantly been subjected to insult in Iran, and the fanatics and malicious people have uttered and written whatever has come to their minds about the Baha’is with no shame. To this day, these people have not ceased their insults and profanity, and in spite of numerous appeals to the authorities by this Assembly, they continue their insults and use profanity towards Baha’i sanctities in newspapers, journals and books, and openly provoke the public to kill these innocent people and loot [their properties]; yet the Baha’is, based on their religious principles, have, in return, prayed for their instigators and aggressors and have left them to God.

Would it be logical then to imagine that this oppressed group, who never caused any harm or damage to its adversaries over the past 80 years, not even a verbal insult, and never reciprocated against them, has now, all of a sudden, forgotten all its traditions, rites, teachings and principles, and has changed its practices and decided to go after a poor woman in Abarghou, and provoke people with her murder because she had insulted the Baha’i Faith? How disgraceful is this claim and how scandalous and shameful is this allegation? No doubt even the perpetrators themselves attest to its absurdity.

We believe that the central authorities should not leave the local officials totally to their own devices and allow them to do whatever they wish and to play so easily with the honour, reputation, life and property of innocent people.

It is the duty of this Assembly to refer these cases to the authorities in charge, protectors of the masses, and the grave responsibility of the supporters of the community and guardians of the public has always been careful observation and prevention of these aggressions and atrocities.

In conclusion, we wish to bring to your lofty attention that the situation of the Baha’is of Yazd is currently very critical and deserves the full attention of the security forces, because spreading these fabricated stories and publication of the public prosecutor’s accusation and its distribution among the people who are renowned for their religious sentiments in Iran has aroused the feelings of the local population against the Baha’is to the extent that grievous incidents can happen at every moment. We therefore wish to ask Your Honour to issue strict and clear orders to the security forces for the protection of calm and peace and prevention of violence and aggression against the Baha’is of Yazd.