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Ministry of Science, Research and Technology


National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization


In the Name of God

15 Dey 1385 [5 January 2007]

Number: 1/84550

Attachment: -----

Unit: -----


Management of Educational Services of Payame Noor University

With greetings and respect,

The petition of Mr. Bashir Dana, a student in the National Examination of year 1385 [2006] who was accepted into the field of Economics Science/Theoretical Economics (code 4395) of that university at Nourabad Mamasani Centre, Kazeroun Branch, is herewith attached.

Due to the relevance of the subject, it is requested that, after reviewing the results, you inform us, [so that it can] be reflected in this organization. 11 MD

Hosein Tavakkoli

Deputy Manager [signature]

Copy to:

-Payame Noor University, Nourabad Mamasani Centre, Kazeroun Branch - Attached to a copy of previous records

-The student, for information and to follow up

[Address:] [redacted] Bashir Dana


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page:]

Admission and Registration Office

13035 – 4 Bahman 1385 [24 January 2007]

73605 – 3 Dey 1385 [24 December 2006]