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[Personal information has been redacted.]


26/8/1318 [18 November 1939]


The Respected Members of Cabinet of the government of the Imperial Majesty of Iran


Respectfully, I bring to your attention that I, Naser-Gholi Rouhani-Najafabadi, holding birth certificate number [redacted], issued by the Registration Office of [redacted], son of Hosein, decided to get married during the year 1315 [1936/1937], and according to the ordinances of the Baha’i religion, I [got] married. I took the original deed [of the marriage] to the Marriage Registration Office of Najafabad, and, as the marriage [had been conducted] according to the Baha’i religion, they did not register it. Therefore, I contacted the Office of Registration of Deeds of Najafabad. They also [responded] as above and did not accept it. Then I sent a copy of my civil deed with a letter to the respected Office of Registration of Deeds of Isfahan; there was no answer. I sent letters to the Ministry of Justice and the head of the Bureau of Statistics; again, no response. However, since 1315 [1936/1937], I have been receiving summonses from the Department of Justice of Isfahan from time to time, which stops me from doing work. Again, I sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice, and there was no answer [from it], either. What was my crime that I should be under so much pressure and trouble for getting married? I have committed no crime except getting married according to my religion and I have chosen to be truthful. I earnestly request you to give orders for a clear direction for me, so I will not be under so much pressure and suffering. I am obedient to your orders.


Naser-Gholi Rouhani