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[Personal information has been redacted.]


8 Azar 1318 [30 November 1939]


The Honorable High Council of the Ministers

This servant, Nariman Ighani, with birth certificate number [redacted], resident of Miandoab, married Sakineh Dadashghareh with birth certificate number [redacted] according to the marriage law of the Baha’i Faith, and to obey the legal obligations I requested the local registration office to register my marriage. The aforesaid office refused to complete the registration. Therefore, the matter was referred to the Ministry of Justice and its relevant offices. Unfortunately, [the Ministry of Justice], instead of instructing the relevant offices to register my marriage, on behalf of the magistrate of Maragheh, I have been prosecuted, pressured and restrained.  Does performing one’s legal duty necessitate the persecution of innocent people?   

According to my religious laws, when it comes to administrative matters, we are supposed to be wholeheartedly obedient to the laws of the country. With matters of conscience, we follow our religious beliefs and rituals, and not [those of] others. I would like to request, with all due respect, [that you issue an] order to prevent the harassment of this servant.



[Stamp:] Receipt at the Office of the Ministers

Number 11956

Dated 24 Azar 1318 [16 December 1939]