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Date: 7 Azar 1360 [28 November 1981]


In the Name of God

We, the five-member committee of the Village of Namajerd Faridan, starting on the above date, communicate and notify the gentlemen named: 1. Ataollah Vojdani 2. Seifollah Parvin 3. Fathollah Parvin, residing in [illegible], and farmers in the Village of Namajerd Faridan, that, in accordance with Islamic law, we have an order to sell the homes and properties of the above-mentioned individuals.

Based on the command of the Quran, God and Islam, we notify you again to accept the command of Islam; come to your homes and properties, and you will have assistance and cooperation in accordance with Islamic law.

You are given a respite of ten days from the above date. If you miss the deadline, your properties will be sold in accordance with the law and you will no longer have any excuse before the law, according to the rule of Islamic law.

Village of Namajerd Faridan Committee


(Village of Namajerd - is a district within the Governate of Faridan in Isfahan Province and is within the range of the Isfahan Baha’i community.)