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[Personal information has been redacted.]


12 Aban 1375 [2 November 1996]


In the Name of God

Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin, Haj Agha Nayyeri, the Esteemed Head of Article 49 Courts

Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office – Judicial System

I respectfully convey that, I Nahid Enayati, owner of five-sixths of a residential home located at [redacted], purchased this house 24 years ago and have been living it. During this time, I needed to travel abroad to visit my children, but I changed my mind because my husband had been afflicted with an incurable disease. He passed away after one year and now I have an orphaned daughter who is studying at Hajar Technical School. After seven years of running [around] and applying for a passport, I received a passport and an official permit from the Islamic Republic, and traveled abroad to visit my children.

Upon my return, I was informed that my residential home had been confiscated. I am a widow; I have an orphan daughter and my living expenses are provided by the small amount of rent from this house. I do not have a job, do not have another property and did not leave the country without permission. What was the reason for the confiscation? Certainly, there must have been a misunderstanding or mistake. The file number is 63/M/2/54496; five-sixths of [this property] is under my name, Nahid Enayati and one-sixth is under the name of my brother, Enayat[ollah] Enayati. I have previously requested [permission] to purchase the one-sixth, which is reflected in the file. It should be explained that my brother had previously transferred his one-sixth [share] to me by power of attorney, which has not been accepted by [the authorities], and recently they have disconnected the telephone number which has been under my name. As a result of the running around and anxiety during the confiscation of [my] residential home, I am now disabled and sick, and am worried about the future of my child.

I ask that esteemed authority to investigate this case, for the love of God. I thank the esteemed officials in advance for their benevolent actions. I also convey that I have deposited the amount of 250,000 rials each month into account number 1111 of the executive headquarters of Imam Khomeini in relation to case number 5219 in the name of Nahid Enayati. I desperately appeal to the authorities of the Islamic Republic to issue a decisive order and resolve the case.

It is surprising that [in spite of my] being present in Iran and having obtained official permission and a passport from the Islamic Republic of Iran, they have confiscated my residential home. In addition, they have confiscated all the property of the [members of] the Enayati family who are abroad. During the Revolution, I attended several sessions of the Revolutionary Court and have even been imprisoned. I explicitly mentioned that I am a Bahá’í and they have created more trouble [for me]. I desperately beg you to have my case investigated in accordance with the law and not allow an innocent widow to be subjected to further oppression.


Nahid Enayati