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10 Mordad 1316 [1 August 1937]


Honourable Prime Minister

Subsequent to earlier communication, it is respectfully conveyed that:

It has been 17 days since ten members of my devoted family have been imprisoned and subject to hardship at the Sangsar Police Department, with the excuse of having closed their privately-owned shops for one day for personal reasons, while none of the citizens has considered the closing of their private shops as a violation or an inconvenience; nor has the police ever issued any directive in this regard. These People are sincere devotees of  the king and have always obeyed the laws of the imperial government. We earnestly request your special consideration for the release of these innocent peasants and relieve their poor families from worry so that they can pray for His Majesty the King and your respected self.

Your devoted servants, Mohammad-Yousef Ehsani and other Sangsar cattle owners, residing in the capital

Address: Bazaar – Haj Mohammad Ali Passageway


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]



[Stamp entry in ledger, with the following number and date, at the bottom of the page]

Date: 13 Mordad 1316 [4 August 1937]

Number: 7155