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Date: 10 Ordibehesht 1318 [1 May 1939]


Esteemed Governor of Isfahan, may your success be continued

Assuming that, because of the misconduct and ill intentions of an individual, someone is a bad father, and, in your opinion, deserves punishment, is it seemly that in this outstanding, golden era when 50-60 year old men get educated, poor innocent children remain blind and illiterate, while it has become evident to all the officials that Seyyed, the principal of Ardestan School has created this situation out of personal intentions and has caused general hardship and damage? If you have been told the truth of this matter, I personally founded this school in Ardestan before there were any new schools in Isfahan. I offered it to [the Ministry of] Education during Nasirod-doleh’s ministry, the furniture of which [illegible] still exists. Do my children deserve to grow up poor and illiterate? I will obey what your pure conscience accepts. If you do not find this seemly, please issue orders to accept the children in school. If you make any other decision that will be obeyed, so that the innocent children are not deprived of education. I will not take your time anymore.

Sacrificially, Mohammad Rafiei


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