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In the Name of God

The Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution


Number 3810

Date: 16 Mehr 1358 [8 October 1979]

Attachment: Has


The Honourable Minister of Interior,

Subject: Permission for the Construction of a Town

I hereby inform you that a piece of land in the Khani Abad regions, with an area of about 35 acres, has been given to the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution. The land has been divided into smaller pieces and each piece of land has its deed of ownership. Despite the fact that all the northern and eastern parts of the mentioned land have been built and the streets have been asphalted, according to the municipal plan, this area is considered as part of the Tehran jurisdiction and its green belts.

Please issue necessary orders so that the establishment of a town in this area is approved. In addition, the map of the division of this land, which has been prepared by the Omana Company, and a map of 1/2000 of the area will be submitted. /B


With respect and gratitude,

Mohammad Kazem Seifian – general manager

[Signature on stamp]