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The State Organization for Administration and Employment


On 22 Khordad 1345 [12 June 1966], after four years of official service, the Ministry of Education terminated my services by issuing order number 12429/3 and citing Article 2 of the Employment Law. I would like to ask that esteemed committee to review my points and investigate the matter, as no positive response has been given to my repeated letters and visits so far.

  1. Article 2 of the Employment Law, which was approved in 1301 [1922-23], mentions (not having been convicted of corruption of beliefs, not being known for moral corruption or pretending to be immoral, not being addicted to opium and not suffering from infectious diseases) [as conditions for government employment]. Fortunately, none of these apply to me as no reputable court has convicted me of corruption of belief and no health authority has diagnosed me with a contagious disease or the likes of it. Meanwhile, regardless of all national standards, the Ministry of Education has convicted me and terminated my services in that ministry without giving me the right to defend myself.
  2. According to the explicit text of the constitution, all individuals in the country are equal before the law, and people have the inalienable right to defend themselves. In conditions where thieves and murderers are granted the right to defend themselves, it is not clear on what laws of the land and humanitarian standards the Ministry of Education bases its denial to me of this right.

Considering that  the country is moving forward today in the light of the wise leadership of His Excellency Emperor Aria Mehr, and some people travel to the farthest and the most remote corners of the country to heal the pain of the sorely afflicted people, it is seemly for that esteemed Council to consider justice and conscience, and issue a fair judgment, with the understanding that God witnesses all His servants’ actions, and save a family from misery and bewilderment and impel them to pray for His Excellency the Shah and yourselves.

In conclusion, I submit a copy of the notification and the copies of the letters I have submitted to the Ministry of Education, all of which have remained unanswered, for your information, so that you realize to what extent my petitions and requests have been ignored.


With utmost respect,

Mohammad Etemadi

30 Farvardin 1350 [19 April 1971]