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Dated: 14 Bahman 1322 [4 February 1944]

Number: 34983

Attachment: ------


Ministry of Justice

General Ministerial Office


Number: 2335

Date: 15 Bahman 1322 [5 February 1944]

Ministry of the Interior

Mr. Mohammad-Esmail Rezaie, and Messrs. Javad, Esmail, Ali-Akbar Ferdowsi, and a few other individuals—according to the telegram dated 2 Bahman 1322 [23 January 1944] from Mahallat, a copy of which was sent to the Ministry—have complained that some time [ago] a group of Baha’is came to Mahallat and have been buying and taking merchandise out of town. This has resulted in a scarcity of the merchandise and price increases. In addition, we have somehow been informed that these individuals have organized a nine-member unit and are busy propagating their religion in the villages around Mahalat. We request that you order an investigation into this matter and inform the Ministry of Justice regarding the outcome.

On behalf of the Minister of Justice


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Write down the background of [illegible] the Baha’is

[Illegible] 17/11


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4/16 [illegible]