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Ministry of Interior

Office:  South

Department: ------

No.: 315 – 112

Dated: 11 Hamal 1300 [31 March 1921]


Esteemed Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

In response to letter number 6676 concerning the Vahdat-e Bashar [Unity of Mankind] School in Kashan, it is conveyed that this case has a long history in this ministry, and its serious pursuit could harm the security of the local population and possibly result in other problems. That said, the Ministry of Interior has no hesitation in carrying out the wishes of that esteemed ministry, notwithstanding the consequences, should you write again on this issue.




[Stamp over handwritten note on the top of the page]

Indexed on 20 Hamal 1300 [9 April 1921]

Number: 6676