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Number of Registration Book: 5579

Carton: ----- File: -----

Previous number mentioned: -----

Office: -----

Exit: -----



Ministry of Education, Endowment and Fine Arts

Date: 27 month of Mizan [Mehr], year 129---- [19 October]

Name of writer: Rafi-e Malek

Issued: One

Enclosure: -----



The Honourable Ministry of the Interior

I respectfully inform Your Honour that, in response to your esteemed letter number 3887, regarding the Vahdat-e Bashar School of Kashan, according to the suggestion of the government conveyed on behalf of His Excellency [illegible] the Prime Minister, may his glory be continuous, an order was issued to the representative of education department. No changes have been made to this decision. Should there be any changes in that order, it will be necessary to write your opinion explicitly to the honourable ministry that is in charge of public safety and order, so that the necessary orders can again be given to the representative of education department of Kashan.