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Public number: 6982

Private number: -----

Bin: -----

File: -----


Ministry of Education, Foundations and Fine Arts

Department: Education

Unit: Training

Branch: -----

Draft type: -----

Draft subject: -----

Enclosure: -----

Clean copy drafter: -----

Date of clean copy: -----, Date recorded: 7 Month: Jadi [Dey] [28 December], Date drafted: 6 Jadi [Dey] [27 December], Date dispatched: Month: [illegible] 1303 [1924]



Education Representative

Your response number 3120 and its enclosures were received. We were astonished that you relegated your duties to the local government, as the purpose of the Education Ministry in hiring personnel is not only for them to become intermediators between the Ministry and the divisions of other ministries; but also, each employee must execute his prescribed duties and personally fulfil the instructions of the Centre. Therefore, you are reminded in case of future negligence in performing your orders, that alternate decisions will be made for proper executions of educational affairs.

In any case, regarding the school in Kafshgar Kola of Aliabad, and your ambiguous response after a lengthy delay, you must do sufficient investigation with utmost impartiality. If it is a school, it must obtain a legal licence, or it will be closed. And if it is an old-style school [maktab] and exempt from legal regulations, proper investigation must be done regarding the competence of its founder. Please promptly send a report of the results with your opinion. In any case, whether a new or old-style school, its members must be Muslims and follow the sacred principles of Islam.