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[Personal information has been redacted.]


28 Qows 1303 [28 Azar 1303] [19 December 1924]


Distinguished Minister of Education and Religious Affairs

Complaints [have been] received from Mazandaran stating that a school has been founded in the Village of Kafshgarkola, which is performing and teaching contrary to the principles of the religion. Complaints regarding this issue have also been sent to the National Consultative Assembly [Parliament] and a response has been received from the parliament with regards to the same issue, which is submitted herewith.  It is clear that that ministry and its respected authorities, [with its interest in and] reverence for sacred principles of religion, would certainly make every effort to prevent these corruptions. And it is for that reason that the complainant [unintelligible]…it is now over a month [since] the outset of this matter and is confident that the effective measures of the esteemed ministry have been effective and will lead to desired results.

It is therefore requested that the complainant be informed of the outcome, so the wronged ones may become hopeful and grateful to the good will of the respected authorities of that ministry.