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Ministry of the Interior

Office of Southern Region

Circle: -----

Number: 3887

Dated: 22 Mizan [Mehr] 1300 [14 October 1921]


The Ministry of Education and Endowments

A copy of the Kashan telegraphic report about the students of Vahdat-e-Bashar School is sent herewith for the information of that esteemed ministry.

[Stamp and signature]


[Handwriting at the bottom of the page]

Public Education

The Ministry of Education, according to the suggestion of the Kashan government that has already been communicated by the Ministry of the Interior in writing, has issued an order [illegible]. Should the order need any adjustment, the Ministry of the Interior in charge of security and order is required to expressly state its opinion.

23 Mizan 1300 [15 October 1921]


[Handwriting at the bottom of the page]

Of course, Ministry of Education would never be satisfied for a school to be closed


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