[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Ministry of Education and Endowments and Fine Arts 


General number: [illegible]

Private number: 9462

Box: 21

File: 6


Office: Training

Department: [illegible]

Branch:  -----


Submission type: -----

Submission subject: -----

Attachment: -----:

Scribe: -----


Writing date: Month of Day

Transcription date: ---- Month of ----

Registration date: 29 Dey [1308] [19 January 1930]

Exit date: 1 Bahman 1308 [21 January 1930]


Department of Education and Endowments of Kashan

Letter number 1689, regarding the approval of Mr. Nabili’s good behaviour and lack of perverse behaviour was received. It is also requested—according to the moratorium number 3185-11571 of 13 Shahrivar 307 [1307] [4 September 1928]—that action be taken regarding his financial situation.