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Ministry of Justice

General secretariat office of ministry

Department: -----



Date: 23 Farvardin 1329 [12 April 1950]

Number: 2747

Enclosure: -----



The Honourable Prime Minister,

In response to letter number 2263/4 – 16 Farvardin 1329 [5 April 1950], in regard to Dr. Berjis’s murder, we inform Your Honour of the following. In accordance with the existing records, an impeachment has been issued and the case file has been sent from the Office of the Prosecutor in Kashan to the criminal court in Tehran, and it is under investigation. The outcome of the proceedings will be conveyed at a later date.

The Justice Minister



Number: 197/4

Date: 23 Farvardin 1329 [12 April 1950]