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Date: 20 Aban 1331 [11 November 1952]

Number: 6196 – B

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Ministry of Justice

State Inspectorate Organization of Iran

Office -----


Ministry of the Interior,

As per the report of the head of the Department of Justice of the Eighth Province, based on the report of the District Court of Rafsanjan, on 15 Mehr 1331 [7 October 1952] while the Court of Rafsanjan was busy investigating those accused of having attacked a number of houses of members of the Baha’i sect, a number of adventurers incited the people to riot, and after attacking the court, they took possession of the case file and have appropriated it. The law enforcement agents have not tried to intervene in keeping order. It is possible that, as a result of the incitement of Ansari, some future events will take place. The head of the police headquarters and the head of the gendarmerie are [hesitating] to perform their duties. Please issue instructions on this matter to be handled with special attention and inform the State Inspectorate Organization of Iran of the results of actions taken in this regard.


On behalf of the Minister of Justice and Head of the State Inspectorate Organization of Iran



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This matter has antecedents, attach them immediately.


28 Aban 1331 [19 November 1952]


20772/ N

25 Aban [16 November]


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Number: 44704

Date: 24 Aban 1331 [15 November 1952]


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Law enforcement

22 Aban 1331 [13 November 1952]