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Ministry of the Interior

Department: Intelligence

Office: -----

Branch: -----


Attachment: -----

Transcribed by: -----

Date: 1 Bahman 1329 [21 January 1951]

Date of registration: -----

Date of transcription -----

Dispatch date: 18 Bahman 1329 [7 February 1951]


Direct – Urgent

National Gendarmerie – Urgent

According to the recent information received from the governor general of the Tenth Province and the head of the gendarmerie, a number of gendarmerie ranking officers in the areas of jurisdiction of the Tenth Province are propagating against the official religion of the imperial country, and they should be prosecuted.

Kindly have the matter investigated and if the behaviour of the aforementioned officers in those areas causes confusion and disturbance, take action for their replacement, and issue strict orders that propagation [uprising] of beliefs that have no legitimacy is not permissible. Please let the Ministry of the Interior know of the results of the actions and decisions taken in this regard.

The Minister of the Interior

The Office Director


15 Bahman 1929 [4 February 1951]


[The Signature of the second person]

15 Bahman 1929 [4 February 1951]