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In the Name of God


The Esteemed Board of Directors of the Iranian Central Bar Association


I, Mehrdad Bandi, brother of Mehran Bandi, humbly submit:

On 9 Khordad 1387 [29 May 2008], the agents of the Intelligence Office in Yazd went to the house and shop of Mehran Bandi. In addition to searching and confiscating some of his personal property, including his religious (Baha’i) books and other pertinent items, and sealing his company, called Kamand Computer Co., they arrested him.

More than two months have passed and the judge of Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court states that his case is still being investigated, while he [Mehran Bandi] has not committed any crime or wrongdoing and is a well-known and honest businessman. On the other hand, he [Mehran Bandi] has heart problems and the prison doctor has directed that he be admitted to the CCU, while he is kept in inappropriate places, such as solitary confinement or the quarantine ward of the prison.

A number of lawyers have been approached in Yazd, but none of them have accepted our representation. Since Yazd does not have a bar association and is under the supervision of the Markaz Bar Association, we sincerely request that esteemed board to introduce a suitable lawyer who can pursue this case for us.

With respect,


Address: [redacted]

Phone: [redacted]