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In the Name of God

Distinguished Director of the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dr. Sheybani

Cordially, I would like to convey that my husband, Dr. Zekrollah Zayn, a physician and graduate of the Faculty of Surgery at the University of Tehran, has been arrested and imprisoned for 50 days, because of his belief in the Baha’i religion, and currently spends his time in the prison of Gonbad-e Kavous.

Considering that the Baha’i institutions have been closed down for a long time by order of the prosecutor of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and even though he has not had any propagation or administrative activities, and given [that our] country is currently in dire need of physicians, why should my husband stay idle inside the prison, while I and my two little children remain lonely, with no protection, and live under difficult conditions?

Subsequent to the fights that happened in Gonbad-e Kavous after the Islamic Revolution, he had been working for days and weeks to save the lives of the injured patients.  He has spent day and night assisting the patients, to the point where I would not see him for weeks.  But on 11 Bahman 1359 [31 January 1981], he was dismissed from working in the clinic.  He continued assisting the patients by establishing a small private surgery clinic; but unfortunately, the only private hospital of the town did not even agree to [send] its patients there for surgery.  Therefore, he continued working as a general practitioner until this recent incident occurred.

Now as a [human being], I request you to assist me with whatever means you find advisable.

Maryam Ghasemi



[Handwritten note on top of the page:]

In the Name of God,

Dear Dr. Hafizi, a letter to be written.


28 Azar 1362 [19 December 1983]