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Remembering and in the Name of God


The Esteemed President of the All-inclusive Centre for Universities of Applied Science and Technology of Kermanshah

Dr. Mazdak Rad Malekshahi

With greetings and respect, I would like to inform you:

My name is Maria Samandari, mother of Rahigh Khalili Rowshani, son of Masrour, National Birth Certificate number [redacted]. On 7 Mehr 1394 [29 September 2015], he registered at the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology of Miras-e Bisotun, which is part of your comprehensive units. His student number is [redacted]. On 7 Dey 1394 [29 December 2015], when my son tried to get on the university website, he was blocked and unable to access the site. We have not received a valid response from the university authorities as to the reason [for this denial of access]. As a result of his being blocked from the site, my son was unable to get his examination card and was deprived of participating in the final exams of his term.

Considering the fact that his tuition was paid in full before the deadline and there were no disciplinary or other violations committed by him, I hereby ask you to issue the necessary orders as soon as possible to resolve this issue, and inform me of the reason in writing for further legal prosecution.


Maria Samandari [Signature]

Date: 14 Dey 1394 [4 January 2016]


14 Dey 1394 [4 January 2016]