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Esteemed Governor General of Western Azerbaijan

With utmost respect, as a pained and oppressed wife, I submit the following for the fair attention of the esteemed governor general of Western Azerbaijan, Mr. Haghgoo: 

Most certainly, you will have received the news by now of the execution of my innocent husband, Mr. Bahar Vodjani, at dawn on Friday, 6 Mehr 1358 [28 September 1979] in the City of Mahabad, solely because he was a Baha’i. A fair investigation in consideration of Islamic justice will reveal that at times, because of their personal enmity, cruel people do not hold back from any tyrannical deed, even the execution of a sincere, honourable and innocent person. They are bereft of any insight as to the effect of their unjust acts. They do not understand that these cries and wailings will be heard. Not only are the Vojdani family and relatives supplicating before His mighty threshold and seeking His divine intervention, but friends and acquaintances in the region are deeply moved and sympathetic with this family for having been subjected to such injustice. I wish the state authorities, out of the weighty responsibilities put on their shoulders to protect the individual and public rights of the nation, would do their due diligence in investigating such cruel acts, and by bringing to justice the perpetrators, put a healing balm on the wounded hearts of this family and assure us that those who claim to be the bearers of Islamic justice are true to their promise.

Under the circumstances, the Vojdani family is bereft of any assurance of safety and security. We plead with the esteemed governor general of Western Azerbaijan to protect the rights of this grieving family, and diligently carry out a just and decisive investigation in the case of Mr. Bahar Vojdani, to redeem the rights of these wronged ones and restore our safety and assurance, and give instruction to have a copy of the court order concerning the execution of Bahar Vojdani sent to us.



Wife of Bahar Vojdani

Mansoureh Akhlaghi


5 Aban 1358 [27 October 1979]


Address: Urmia – [Redacted]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the letter]

Copy to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran for information