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Honourable Chairman of the Assessment Organization



Subject: Pleading for Justice Regarding the “Incomplete File” Notification of the 1393 [2014] University Entrance Exam of Mahta Mokari

“There is no attribute better than fairness when judging in the court of divine justice”. (Imam Ali)

Respectfully, I have a high school diploma in mathematics and physics and have participated in this year’s University Entrance Exam together with my other friends. However, I was unable to choose a field provided for my study.

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Iranian Constitution, the Government of Iran is obliged to provide free education and physical training for all at all levels and to facilitate higher education. The right to education for all human beings without any discrimination is explicitly guaranteed in international declarations, including those signed by Iran. These include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the UNESCO Convention on Discrimination against Education and are also guaranteed by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights, in turn, protect the right of individuals to freedom of opinion, expression, association and gatherings.

Citing the words of Mr. Hassan Rouhani, who repeatedly promised in his election campaign to respect human rights and the rights of the nation, and who said that all Iranians should receive justice. Justice means equal opportunity for all ethnic groups, all religions, even religious minorities all must receive justice. Given the above, it is clear that one of the main duties of the government authorities is to adhere to the constitution and the international treaties and protect all human rights in society. Considering that I was born to Iranian parents, I am considered an Iranian citizen and demand my due rights.

I have also sent my request to two other authorities, Sanjish[1] Organization and the Commission for Article 90, so that my request may be considered sooner.


Thanking you respectfully,

Mahta Mokari


29 Mehr 1393 [21 October 2014]


[1] [Sanjish:  The Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization]