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The Respected President of the Article 90 Committee



Subject: [An appeal] for Justice regarding the “Incomplete File” Notification in the 1393 [2014] National University Entrance Examination.

Respectfully, I, Mahta Mokari, would like to bring to your attention, that having completed my high school diploma in mathematics and physics, I participated in this year’s National University Entrance Examination, but found an ‘Incomplete File’ notification recorded for me on the relevant site. Pursuant to Article 3 of the Iranian constitution, the Iranian government is obliged to provide free education, physical training and higher education for all, at all levels.

The right to education without any discrimination is explicitly guaranteed in international treaties, including those signed by Iran. These treaties include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the UNESCO Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination including education. These treaties are enshrined in the Iranian Constitution and uphold the right of individuals to freedom of opinion, expression, association and gatherings. Mr. Hassan Rouhani, who repeatedly promised in his election campaign to respect human rights, and the rights of the nation, explicitly stated, “All Iranians must receive justice. Justice means equal opportunity for all ethnic groups, religions, even religious minorities”.

It is clear from the above that one of the main duties of governmental authorities is to adhere to the Constitution, to implement international treaties and to protect all human rights in society. As I was born to Iranian parents, I am considered an Iranian citizen and I request my withheld rights. These are the right to education and the right to grow and develop, and to excel which is one of the most valuable human rights.

Therefore, please address these concerns and make decisions in this matter so that I, like my other friends, can attend university and benefit from higher education.

Further, in order to process my request as quickly as possible, I have also sent my request to the Ministry of Science and the Sanjish [Educational Assessment and Evaluation] Organization.


Thanking you respectfully,


Mahta Mokari

28 Mehr 1393 [20 October 2014]