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[Personal information has been redacted.]




20/8/1318-[12 November 1939]


The Honourable Members of Cabinet


Respectfully I bring to the attention of your enlightened Council that: I, Lotf-Ali Golshani-Najafabadi, birth certificate number [redacted], decided to get married during the year 1313-[1934/1935] according to the requirements of my religion which is Baha’i. We got married and I organised the official civil deed [of marriage to be drawn up] according to the information [I had] obtained and took it to the Marriage Registration Office of Najafabad but they did not register [my marriage]. I went to the General Registry Office and they did not register it either. I sent a copy of the certificate, along with a letter about this matter, by post to the honourable Minister of Justice and the Head of the Bureau of Statistics. I was not honoured with a response. Since then I have been receiving notices every few days from the respectable Department of Justice of Isfahan, which has prevented me from doing business and earning a living. What was the crime of this humble person to be so much under pressure and trouble? In conclusion I offer my greatest respect.   


Lotf-Ali Golshani [signature]


[Stamp acknowledging receipt at the Office of the Prime Minister]


Number 10582

Date: 26/9/1318-[18 November 1939]