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The Spiritual Assembly of Tehran

Number: 70

Attachment: 1

Date: 6 Ordibehesht 1309 [26 April 1930]

Tehran – Spiritual Assembly, Attachment 1, Number 70


The Honourable Minister of the Interior,

 With utmost respect, it is brought to the attention of Your Honour that, according to the recent news, Mir Fazel, a preacher who is [a member] of the depraved clergy, residing in the Village of Parchin, Ardabil, has gone to the Village of Qarah Shiran, which is in the vicinity of the mentioned village, and has incited the inhabitants to arise against the Baha’is, attack their homes, disassociate with them and prohibit them from fetching water [for their own use].

From the pulpit, he has openly stated that any malicious act against Baha’is is permissible, lawful and that it is halal [religiously authorized] to seize their properties. As a result of such incitements by this clergyman, a number of people have attacked the houses of the Baha’is, have beaten them up, and by [firing] a gun, have forcefully prevented those who were going to fetch water from going to the river.

The elders of the Village of Gharehshiran have issued a warning to two other nearby villages, at the order of this clergyman, samples of which are attached for Your Excellency’s information. Accordingly, the governor of Ardabil, Haji Satvatos-Saltaneh, not only does not prevent the actions of the clergyman and the hooligans, he also inwardly supports them. Certainly, all this has reached Your Honour’s attention by now; this brief is submitted only to complete the information that you may have.

Most certainly, the esteemed government authorities are better informed of the core of these actions and have sufficient information about the actions of these inciters, who pretend to be the friends of Islam, and will issue forth adequate instructions as you deem it most befitting.


[Stamp of the Spiritual Assembly & Signature]


[Right margin:] [Stamp of the Registry of the Ministry of the Interior, Number: 40811, Date: 8 Ordibehesht 1309 [28 April 1930]