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Ministry of the Interior

National Gendarmerie Headquarters

Department: -----

Office: -----

Number: 31263

Date: 1 Aban 1331 [23 October 1952]

Attachment: -----


The Ministry of the Interior,

Respectfully, following the communication number 29737G1 dated 12 Aban 1331 [3 November 1952] I would like to submit that, according to the report from the Gendarmerie of Kerman, on 9 Aban 1331 [31 October 1952] Mr. Ansari the preacher moved to Kerman and now he is residing there.  

The Commander of the National Gendarmerie Headquarters

Brigadier General Alavi-Moqaddam



Registered at the Ministry of the Interior

Number: 50274

Date: 3 Azar 1331 [24 November 1952]


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To be archived

22 Azar 1331 [13 December 1952]


[Number and date on the bottom of the page]

22004 / N - 5 Azar [26 November]