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In the Name of God

The esteemed Leader, your Holiness Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, continuous blessings,

Now that this humble servant stretches his hand for assistance to your presence, I must introduce myself.  I am Karamatollah Tashakkor, resident of the Village of Koushkak of Abadeh. I am a simple farmer, who, during the time of the Taghut regime, despite the pressure that farmers were faced with, with much agony, annually produced 12 tons of wheat, 12 tons of sweet grapes, 10 tons of almonds and fruit, plus two tons of meat. With the intolerable life that [required me to] stay up four nights of every week, I was happy. During that time, I was attacked several times by the elements of the former shah, who destroyed my home, and I was the subject of the locals’ transgressions, until, by the will of God and the paramount efforts of the Iranian people, and by the leadership of Imam Khomeini, the dark regime was overthrown. Since the rising of [the sun of] freedom, I have been subjected to several attacks and arson and been totally deprived of my livelihood. It has been five months since I was expelled from my homeland, and along with my ten-member family, I have become homeless, like the Palestinians. My crime is that I am a Baha’i and was born in a Baha’i family.

Now, with the establishment of the Islamic Republic, which ensures the freedom of all segments of the Iranian nation, as a patriotic Iranian, concordant with the sacred Iranian Revolution, I would beseech you to ask a number of anti-revolutionary individuals who live in this village, [calling themselves] Muslim and endangering the lives of my family, and who have made us homeless, to take me to trial in a true Islamic court and punish me accordingly if I am guilty. Where on earth has someone’s home been put on fire instead of a trial? Or the trees of his orchard been cut, or his walls been razed, or his cattle and sheep been burnt, and his family been exiled from their homeland? Up to this date, when I am extending my hand to the presence of the holy Islamic leader for assistance, my ten-member family and I have been made homeless, with no money.  I implore that esteemed authority to have arrangements made for me to go back to work so that I may offer my fair share in rebuilding the ruins left by the Pahlavi foundation.



Karamatollah Tashakkor