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The Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts


Date: 16 Dey 1308 [6 January 1930]

Number:  1689

Attachment:  None


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The Honourable Minister of Education, may your glory be everlasting

The Esteemed Office of the Public Education

The Elementary Section

In response to the esteemed correspondence numbers 11502/6721, dated 1 Aban 8 [1308] [23 October 1929] and 254938776 of 3 Dey 8 [1308], [24 December 1929], regarding the approval of the [illegible] eligibility of Nabili for the position of the management of the Vahdat-e Bashar Middle School, I respectfully submit that, as you are probably aware, for a long time now, some of the residents of this town have claimed that there is propaganda going on in this school for a new tribe(sic) ([religion] and they have taken and are taking some actions in this regard. On the other hand, some people are very happy with the progress of the studies and the organization of the school.  Since this office was willing to provide an insightful reply, we have tried to discover the truth of the matter and will submit the result of our investigations in the following.

During this time we have not witnessed any act of propaganda or any sign of opposition towards the Muslims from the principal of the school, and the principal attends the gatherings, the assemblies and the public bath houses of the Muslims. So far, he has not been rejected or excluded [by anyone]. Many of the school’s sixth grade students sit for the final elementary examination each year and they have been able to pass the exams.

Therefore, if they are capable of affording the cost of the first year of the middle school, there would be no objection to its inauguration.

The Education Representative of Kashan



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Education Office

22 Dey 308 [1308] [12 January 1930]



Registry at the office of public education. 14 [Dey 1308] [4 January 1930]

Number: 9462

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