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Date:  25 Khordad 1394 [15 June 2015]


In the Name of God

Distinguished Deputy Director of Political and Security of the Office of the Governor General

With greetings, and wishing you increasing success in fulfilling [your] duties, I respectfully convey that my wood-carving business in the City of Sari, situated on Jam-e Jam Street, in front of the Soroush Building, was closed without any prior notification by the Sari Public Places Supervision Office, in my absence, on 3 Khordad 94 [24 May2015].  After referring to the mentioned office, submissions made to the Chamber of Commerce, and persistent actions by the Union of the Carpenters, the Chamber of Commerce issued an order to re-open my shop on 6 Khordad 1394 [27 May 2015], a copy of which is enclosed with this letter.  Although 20 days have passed from the issuance of this order, unfortunately, the Public Places Supervision Office, by constant delays, has taken no action in re-opening the business.  I must add that my business has a valid business permit, with no business offences, such as overcharging the clients, having a private complaint, or committing any unlawful action.

Therefore, I request you to pay special attention to resolving this problem; because, on the one hand, my clients are complaining about this situation, and on the other hand, this business is the only source of income and sustenance for me and my family of four.


With gratitude,

Kamaloddin Akbari [Signature]

[Telephone:] [Redacted]


[Notes inside the letter]

23309/2-28 Khordad 1394 [18 June 2015]


In the Name of God – The original [letter] is enclosed for the perusal of the distinguished Governor of Sari [signed - 25 Khordad 1394 (15 June 2015)]

86/23/23320 - 25 Khordad 1394 [15 June 2015]

Date: 26 Khordad 1394 [16 June 2015]