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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Esteemed Cultural Revolution Council, may your blessing be perpetual

I would respectfully inform you that I am Kamal Kashasni, son of Ali-Akbar; holding ID number [redacted], issued in [redacted]; a student of the Institute of Technology of Shahid Mohsen Mohajer of Isfahan, in the field of [automotive] engineering. After four years of study (1357-1361) [1978-1982], when I had only one more month left until the end of my studies, on 5 Mordad 1361 [27 July 1982], I received a letter from the Isfahan Placement Council [saying that] I was expelled from the Institute because I was a Baha’i. Since (being a Baha’i) cannot be a rational reason to deprive a person of education, and also because this act is contrary to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and (the rights of the nation), which has certainly been voted on by the members of the Cultural Revolution Council, I hereby present my complaint to you.

I am hoping that this matter will be investigated and followed up with consideration to the facts that Baha’is believe in the oneness of God and all divine laws and scriptures and sacred Imams; according to the teachings of their religion they obey their respective governments; and they serve the nation and homeland, and do not interfere in political affairs. Also, based on the Khomeini’s 8-article command that highlights the issue of safeguarding the rights of the citizen in society, it can be proven to the world that, just as you have verbalized that you are  “the pride of the world”, in practice you are the pride of the ummah [nation].

Seeking the confirmations of God Almighty

Kamal Kashani


24 Esfand 1361 [15 March 1983]

Address: [redacted]


[Handwritten note under the letter:]

In the Name of God

It is submitted to the Student Selection Council of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education as it is. 


22 Farvardin 1362 [11 April 1983]



Secretariat of the Cultural Revolution

Number 7/691

Date: 24 Farvardin 1362 [13 April 1983]



Secretariat of the Executive Council of the Cultural Revolution

Number: 731

Date: 29 Farvardin 1362 [18 April 1983]



It was indexed



The secretariat of the General Office of Internal Students was registered

Number 1075

Date: 27 Farvardin 1362 [16 April 1983]