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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

NAJA Military Service Organization[1]

Certificate of Exemption for Education


Security Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran


From: NAJA Military Service Organization – Deputy for Summons and Dispatch

To: Sanaie Institute of Higher Education, Isfahan

Address: Isfahan – Emam Khomeini Avenue – First Cross Section –Across from Haj Reza Mir Saeidi - Sadr Alley

Number: 2472033

Date: 23 Farvardin 1386 [12 April 2007]


In reference to letter number 461-85, dated 14 Azar 1385 [5 December 2006], after investigation it was decided that, according to the provisions of Article 31 of the law, the draftee with the following information is eligible for higher education. Therefore, it is permissible for him to continue his non-medical undergraduate studies in English translation in the academic year starting 29 Shahrivar 1385 [20 September 2006].

Kindly monitor his education status annually, as per Article 13 of the executive by-laws concerning the exemption for educational reasons section of the military service law, and record his status (time off/drop out/withdrawal/expulsion from university), as per Article 34 of the law, with a notation of his residential address, and forward the information to this Office.

National ID Number: [redacted]

Name: Hesam

Last name: Misaghi

Father’s name: Houshmand

Birth certificate number: [redacted]

Birth date: 1 Tir [redacted]

Birth place: [redacted]

Issued in: Mashhad

Division: 13

Military Service Organization

Guardian Colonel Rahman Ahmadi

[Stamp and signature]


From: Sanaie Institute of Higher Education, Isfahan

To: NAJA Military Service Organization

Number: 87/2069/5

Date: 31 Mordad 1387 [21 August 2008]


In reference to letter number 2472023, dated 23 Farvardin 1386 [12 April 2007], the status of the draftee with exemption for education, as a non-medical undergraduate and student in English translation at this Institute, as of 31 Khordad 1387 [20 June 2008], is reported as following:



Withdrawal from school

Dropped out

Degree received: -----

Grade Point Average (GPA): -----

Last residential address: -----

Registration number: 860016282


Sanaie Institute of Higher Education, Isfahan

[Stamp and signature]



Human Rights Activists in Iran





[1] [NAJA:  Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran]