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Date: 10 Tir 1341 [1 July 1962]

Number: 141/M

Enclosure: One page


Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Governorate of Isfahan

Confidential – Direct


Ministry of the Interior

Regarding the correspondence number 3661/7N – [of] 29 Ordibehesht 1341 [19 May 1962], containing a copy of the letter from His Holiness Ayatollah Shahabod-Din Al-Hosseini Al-Mar’ashi Al-Najafi about the unrest and disturbances caused by some people for Muslims at the Eskandari Village in Faridan, I would like to bring to the attention of His Honour that the incident was reported to the governorate of the concerned locality and it was ordered to look into the matter and take the necessary precautions. A copy of report number 17/M of the Governorate of Faridan is now enclosed herewith, for your consideration. It is requested that, [after] consideration of its content, whatever decision that you make regarding the residence or staying of the aforementioned ladies and their propaganda, be sent to the Provincial Governorate so that it can act accordingly.

On behalf of the governor of the Province of Isfahan


7/ 6917

16 Tir 1341 [7 July 1962]


[Handwritten note on the top of the page] Security

[Handwritten note on the margin of the page]


16 Tir [7 July]


[Illegible Handwritten note on the bottom of the page]