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Ministry of the Interior

Office: ---

Section: ---


Date: 29 Bahman 1306 [19 February 1928]

Number: 6574

Attachment: ---


His Excellency, the Prime Minister, may his grandeur continue! 

 It has been some time since some accusations were made against the Baha’is in Rafsanjan. Recently, it had reached the point where whoever was accused of being Baha’i was not permitted to enter the bath houses, barber shops and the public places. An excitement had been generated amongst the people, and the reason for this excitement was the long stay of Sheikh Habibollah in Rafsanjan and his debates with the Baha’i teachers, such as Molla Abbas and others.

This issue was brought to your attention in report number 6356, [which indicated] that, with assistance of the police force, I had stopped their gatherings and banished Sheikh Habibollah and Molla Abbas from Rafsanjan. However, this matter was not resolved and it has continued, until, on the date of 12 Sha’ban, a report was received that a group of hooligans had gone to the female bath houses, acting wildly, and women had been forced to escape the scene.

Meanwhile, another report was received from the police force of Sirjan that locals were busy preparing for a big celebration with huge illuminations of the city. The concern is that, in the middle of [the month of] Sha’ban, an unfortunate incident may happen and that the few [existing] constables [gendarmes] may not be sufficient to prevent any adverse event.  I immediately requested the head of the Armed Forces to send a military observer with a knowledgeable officer of authority to Rafsanjan. The first response that was received indicated that special permission was necessary. As a result, I brought the matter to your attention. Then he was satisfied, and twenty officers were sent to Rafsanjan by vehicle. The law enforcement officers were also sent to Rafsanjan close to the date of the celebration. They have been continuously vigilant all over the city.

The province took advantage of the presence of the military in Rafsanjan and submitted a strong telegram to the government and the head of the police force, making them responsible for any incidents, and requesting them to prevent any disturbances. Now, according to the reports received, as a result of the action of the head of the police force and the government, all affairs have been normalized and the restrictions inflicted on the Baha’is or those accused of being Baha’is, have been completely lifted.  This is brought to your attention [just] for sharing information.

[Stamp and signature] 6 Esfand 1306 [26 February 1928]