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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 18 Bahman 1323 [7 February 1945]

Number: 9241/S 80493

Enclosure: -----



Ministry of the Interior

Office: The Passport and Political Office

Department: -----


The Office of the Prime Minister,

In response to letter number 16019 of 28 Azar 1323 [19 December 1944] regarding the murder case of Asadollah Naderi, I would like to submit that the necessary instructions were written to the Governorate of Shahroud, reiterating its prosecution through the legal authorities, that the relevant actions could be taken and the results reported.

On behalf of the Minister of the Interior




Entry to the Office

Number: 20776

Date: 29 Bahman 1323 [18 February 1945]