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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 18 Azar 1326 [10 December 1947]

Number: S/11262

Enclosure: 79207


Ministry of the Interior

Department: Political


“In response to this correspondence the reference number should be mentioned together with its supplementary letters and decimal numbers”.


The Office of the Prime Minister,

In reference to letter number 13609 – 3 Azar 1326 [25 November 1947], following the receipt of the telegram of Mr. Ali-Asghar Rashidi from Bandar-e Shah, the necessary instructions were issued to the governor general of the second province, to take complete care and to stop any operations or statements contrary to order, and to prosecute the perpetrators in accordance with the legal regulations.

Minister of the Interior



[Stamp: Registered at the Cabinet Minister’s Office]

Number: 19134

Dated: 21 Azar [1326] [13 December 1947]