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Private number: 9885 – M

Dossier: 2700 MN

Case: ---



Ministry of the Interior

Law Enforcement Office

Office: ---

Branch: ---


Subject of the draft: ---

Attachment: ---

Transcribed by: ---


Date of redaction: 4 Azar 1331 [25 November 1952]

Date of registration: -----

Date of Transcription: -----

Date of release: 11 Azar 1331 [2 December 1952]



Head of the National Department of Inspection,

Referring to letters numbered 5535 B of 27 Mehr 1331 [19 October 1952] and 5941 B of 7 Aban 1331 [29 October 1952] about the attack by a number of the inhabitants of Rafsanjan on the Assembly House [Baha’i Centre] and the dwelling places of the members of the illegal Baha’i sect, according to the recent reports from the Governorate General of the Eighth Province, and based on the decision of the Security Council, Mr. Ansari, the preacher, who was there before the event, has been considered the inciter of the event. Therefore, by the order of the Governorate General, he has been summoned to Kerman. He has been in Kerman for a few days and his activities have been imperceptibly scrutinized. So far, as was foreseen, the situation in Rafsanjan has normalized and there is no cause for worry. Also, according to the report of the National Police Headquarters, due to the ascertained incapability of the head of the police headquarters of that place, Lieutenant Nasrollah Ebrahimi was transferred to Rafsanjan to replace him.


Minister of the Interior



Deputy of the Department


4 Aban [1331] [26 October 1952]


Head of the Disciplinary Department


4 Aban [1331] [26 October 1952]