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Ministry of the Interior

Office of: Law Enforcement


Date: 8 Aban 1316 [30 October 1937]

Number: 46269-10951

Attachment: -----


The Prime Minister

With reference to directive number 10316 of 25 Mehr 1316 [17 October 1937], with regard to the complaints of several individuals regarding Asghar Mohseni, I would like to inform you that the case is related to the exiles from the Village of Sisan, which has already been presented in letter number  43081-10016 of 26 Mehr 1326[ 18 October 1937].

The Minister of the Interior



[Stamp: Receipt by the Cabinet of the Prime Minister]

Date: 9 Aban 1316 [31 October 1937]

Number: 11539


Records: 9 Aban 1316 [31 October 1937]