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Date: 31 Shahrivar 1315 [22 September 1936]

No.: 41371-10287


Ministry of the Interior

Law Enforcement Department

Office of the Prime Minister


In reference to memorandum number 8064, dated 26 Shahrivar 1315 [17 September 1936], in regards to the complaint made by Saisan farmers, I convey the following. Upon receiving order number 7168, dated 9 Shahrivar 1315 [31 August 1936], in response to the previous requests of the Ministry of the Interior from the eastern province of Azarbaijan, we have received an official communication, as enclosed, stating that Dameshghiyeh’s children sold all their interests to Asghar Mohseni. Since there was no comment regarding the complaint brought forth by the farmers about Mohseni’s demanding his past tenure, an enquiry was resubmitted to the Province to conduct sufficient investigations about the matter. It was emphasized that the submission of the response [should be] accelerated, that we may inform Your Excellency.


On behalf of the Minister of the Interior

1 Mehr 1315 [23 September 1936]


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