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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 24 Mordad 1323 [15 August 1944]

Number: 364



Ministry of the Interior

Office of the Minister


Recently, information has repeatedly been received from different regions of the country, indicating that some corrupt elements, by taking advantage of the religious and ideological differences, have been inciting the public every day with a different excuse, and causing riots, disturbances, robberies, fights and even murders.

Since the government’s fundamental duty is to safeguard order and security and to eradicate any kind of disturbance and chaos, particularly now that the month of Ramadan is approaching, it is feared that self-interested individuals may somehow provoke the public’s sentiments and cause conflict, strife and bloodshed, [and] that is extremely necessary to take practical measures to ensure the establishment and safeguard complete security, by exercising the legal power of the government, starting from now. I request that you fulfil this aim and implement urgently what you find necessary. Meanwhile, the police force and gendarmerie have also been ordered to act in accordance with your views, and the minister of war and the minister of justice have been asked to instruct their officers to take any legal action that you may deem necessary. Naturally, other organization heads, local offices, influential persons, trustees and local residents will also assist as best as they can to have this accomplished. In addition, I am requesting that you please forward to me your views regarding this by telegram, and you will, of course, keep the Ministry of the Interior informed of the results.


The Minister of the Interior