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Number: 10798

Date: 8 Aban 1331 [30 October 1952]



Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of the Eighth Province


Confidential & Direct

Ministry of the Interior,

Referring to letter number M- 9497- N-2195 of 29 Mehr 1331 [21 October 1952], attached to a copy of the report of National Police Headquarters, regarding the incident in Mahan on 12 Muharram (10 Mehr 1331) [2 October 1952], and as per your written instructions requesting the brief of the occasion and the results of the actions taken, we have to state that the report of the aforementioned case has already been brought to the attention of that ministry through letters number 9311 of 10 Mehr 1331 [2 October 1952], number 9476 of 13 Mehr 1331 [5 October 1952], number 9568 of 15 Mehr 1331 [7 October 1952] and number 1545 of 1 Aban 1331 [23 October 1952]. Kindly have these letters brought to your attention [to see] how the matter has been processed.

Yet, in regard to the National Police Headquarters report, which stated that seven individuals had been injured by gun shot in this incident and eight had been injured, the understanding from this description shows that seven individuals have been killed and another eight wounded; while [in actuality,] no one has been killed and only five people were injured as a result of being hit by a bullet, and they were referred to the hospital of Kerman. Three of them have already been treated and have been discharged, and two others are still being treated and soon will also be discharged.

The case of this incident is under investigation at Branch 2 of the Magistrate’s Office of the Eighth Province. The public prosecutor of the Eighth Province has been asked to be vigilant, and to conduct this investigation with absolute impartiality and within the shortest possible time. I too, am fully attentive and watchful. For now, the situation of Mahan is calm and the refugees have already left the Telegraph Office. The governor general of the Eighth Province is especially requesting that you observe the reports of the events, which have always been regularly written and wired for your perusal, so there should not remain any ambiguity.