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13 Aban 1318 [5 November 1939]


Esteemed Council of Ministers,

With utmost anticipation it is submitted to your attention that on 14 Tir 1317 [5 July 1938], I, the undersigned, Hosein Naseh-Arani, entered into matrimony in accordance with the Baha’i law, and made an effort to register the marriage at the nearby office of the notary public. Given its refusal to certify the marriage, as a matter of responsibility on my part, I sent copies of the certificate through registered mail, receipt number 934 – 20 Tir 1317 [11 July 1938], to the Office of Civil Registration in Kashan, again by registered mail, receipt number 935 - 20 Tir 1317 [11 July 1938], to the National Registry for Civil Registration, and another copy, again by registered mail, number 936 - 20 Tir 1317 [11 July 1938], to the Judiciary, and requested that they issue an instruction for its registration. Not only did they take no measure to register this or similar requests, but also I was prosecuted by the court and was sentenced to four months of correctional custody, a decision which is currently being appealed and could possibly be endorsed and enforced, while I have neither committed any wrongdoing, nor taken any step against the national regulations.

The reason that I immediately made efforts to inform the Registration Office in Kashan and the National Organization for Civil Registration and the Judiciary, in order to register the marriage is because every Baha’i, according to the precepts of his religion, is bound to fully obey the laws of his country. Therefore, once the marriage certificate was issued, it was deemed necessary to have it registered according to the state law; this, unfortunately, was neglected.

At this time, this is submitted to your authority with a request to stop the legal prosecution against me and make a befitting decision with respect to the registration of my marriage and similar official procedures.

Hosein Naseh



[Stamp: Registered at the Council of Ministers Administrative Office]

Number: 10409

Date: 22 Aban 1318 [14 November 1939]