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Hojjatol-Islam, Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani,

The Respected Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, may God prolong your life

Respectfully, I wish to convey that, although the time of Your Holiness is limited, your daily affairs numerous and countless, and my hope for your being able to receive this letter quite dim, nonetheless, in view of divine bounties and confirmations, I undertake to present this letter, that perchance the glance of your favour might fall upon this page and the statements of this poor one reach your ears.

Mr. Hojjatol-Islam, in these days, when the declarations of His Holiness, the Imam, regarding the necessity of removing the restrictions and difficulties of the oppressed and downtrodden have been announced, leading those who have been subjected to injustice to raise their voices in prayer and praise, the Baha’is had hoped that, making up for their 139 years of deprivation and oppression, the veils of misunderstanding would be lifted, their loyalty and patience would bear fruit, and the days of tranquillity would arrive. Love and faithfulness would shine forth, hatred and grudges would dissipate, and effusive love would appear. But alas, the indications signalling the demolition of the “Golestan Javid” [the cemetery] of the Baha’is of Tehran have snuffed out this glimmer of hope and caused great sadness and suffering.

Mr. Hojattol-Islam, as a man of knowledge and piety, who is undoubtedly aware of the ordinances and teachings of this dignified religion, do you consider this band of oppressed and innocent people to be deserving of so much cruelty, unfriendliness, indignation, and adversity? If not, then please arise to help these oppressed ones and take action to alleviate this enmity. Do not allow the souls of the departed to be saddened by this unseemly act and the hearts of their relatives to fall into severe sorrow and pain. Please make arrangements for the Baha’is to be able to visit the graves of their relatives, and for their sorrowful hearts to be comforted by remembering God and reciting divine verses on that spiritual ground.

Mr. Hojjatol-Islam, is it seemly to subject the worshipers of God, and those who believe in the Seal of the Prophets and the Holy Quran, to so much pain and tribulation? What is the fruit of causing so much oppression and difficulty, and what will be their end results?  The injustices that were inflicted upon the saintly imams and promoters of the religion of the Seyyed of the Prophets [Mohammad] and the sincere Shi’ites by the Umayyad and the Abbasids did not result in weakening and perturbing them.  Rather, ultimately, glory and tranquillity came upon them and their vitality and light shone forth. 

“The Sunnah of Allah, which has been abandoned before, and you will not find a substitute for the Sunnah” [1]


It is our cherished hope that Your Honour will extend his favour to these oppressed ones and will not withhold his compassion in alleviating this predicament.


With expressions of boundless respect



[1] [Quran-Verse 23 of Al-Fath] - https://equran.me/tafseer-4606-48.html